Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reon Kadena. A Lot of Pictures.

A friend of mine pointed out the conspicuous absence of the legendary Reon Kadena on my blog, apart from this video of her frolicking in a spa. Many love this babe including myself and it's really easy to see why. Stare, if you will at the picture above. The shape of her lovely breasts are perfectly supported by the sexy bikini top. That beautifully shaped face that is half-child and half-woman. The French in particular (I know some) are terrifically obsessed with the alluring image of Reon in all her videos and pictures.

Reon is the ultimate cock-tease. Anyone who's seen her gravure DVDs can attest to that. She almost reveals her entire body in it's erotic splendor, before drawing back and giving a cheeky smile and wink. You almost want to forcefully rip her clothing off, but am too crippled by desire to do anything except look.

Hora! Enjoy this humongous collection of pictures.. the later ones in the set come from an earlier part of Reon's career.