Friday, November 17, 2006

April Scott owns the Thong.

April Scott. Wanna guess her ethnicity? I'll tell ya: Kinky French, Exotic Native American, and Spicy Spanish. Born in Southeast Missouri where she was raised on a farm, April Scott is also an actress.. though I confess, I've never seen anything with her in it. She also has 85 beauty pageant crowns, so she must be doing something right with that amazing body. I know a lotta people who find her pretty damn gorgeous and I have to say, she's alright with me. I won't go into her bio here cause I'm only really care bout her do-me body. Awesome sexy legs and a pretty sexy behind thats perky and taut. She's got a lanky body that's a tad skinny-ish (I see ribs!) but her hello-there boobs make up for it. Can you say killer butt?