Monday, November 06, 2006

Minako Komukai. Perfect Bikini boobs?

Today's beauty of the day is Minako Komukai, a gorgeous minx that is just outrageously sexy. Need proof? Just look at the picture above. Those wondrous spheres of perfection! A thunderous bitch slap in the face of mediocrity, Minako smothers one with the delicious weight of her incredibly erotic figure. That chest! You could OMG-it the whole day and it still wouldn't express sufficient awe. I think seeing her naked would completely spoil the perfect shape of her orbs. This is one chick I always want to see with tight fitting bikinis. I love her chest so much that I'm going to rank it a itsy-bitsy bit lower than Hitomi Aizawa's awesome chesties and Miwa Oshiro's exquisite breasts. She, at least triumphs Yoko Matsugane's impressive set of mammaries.