Friday, November 10, 2006

Yuzuki Aikawa | China Fukanaga - Double Indemnity

I just love pictures of girls in bikinis together. If it's a major tease to see ultra tiny bikinis under a wet shower, two girls side-by-side with hot bodies just takes the cake. It's sorta like the proverbial male fantasy of 1) Having a steamy 5 hour threesome with two sexy outta-this-world babes and 2)Watching two hot chicks get it on with each other while you lean back and sip some vintage whisky. The bikini duo is somewhere in-between.. it could lead to passionate menage-a-trois, or they could start getting hot and heavy with each other. The ambiguity is a huge turn on.. not to mention China Fukanaga and Yuzuki Aikawa are just damn freakin sexy.