Thursday, November 23, 2006

Natacha Peyre - Swedish Blonde Goddess

Smoldering sexuality. When I first laid eyes on Natacha, I thought, "Damn this girl looks like Jessica Alba!". The resemblance is uncanny at times. Natacha doesn't feel like a natural blonde and I guess she reminds me of Alba when she went all yellowhair for Fanastic Four (awful, awful movie). Natalie has a stunning body that, in my humble opinon, tops Alba. But heck, enough about the comparisons. She should be lusted over on her own merit. I love Natalie! I want to suntan on a deck chair in Bali with this gorgeous woman. She technically loses the bikini in the end of this set but I just had to include these pictures of her delicately covering her ta-tas. Absolutely sexy as hell.