Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nina Minami - Bikini, Nurse, Bed.

Someone asked for Nina Minami.. which just happens to be the sexiest roleplaying nurse alive. Yes, she looks equally hot in that blue bikini and pink corset and I also particulary adore the shots of her in that light orange one-piece on the bed. What is it about hot female nurses that drives us men crazy anyway? Is it because they remind us of the adolescent thrill in revealing oneself to a woman during a seemingly professional situation (a medical checkup)? Japanese nurses are really BIG with me. While American pornos feature horny nurses that can't wait to rip off your clothes and get on with sex, the Japanese nurse seems to say "Do what you want with me .. but let's not make too much noise." Did I mention how much I love her in that light orange halter?