Saturday, November 18, 2006

Review Me - Cash Bloggin it.

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Review Me is one of em websites which connect bloggers with businesses, allowing you to earn money by blogging about specific products or services. How does it work? Start by submitting your site for inclusion, should it get approved, you'll be able to list your blog on the website and allow clients to contact you. You then decide to accept or decline the offers. Payment ranges from $20.00 to $200.00 for each review and depends on the popularity and strength of your blog.

Hola! Pretty amazing stuff along the lines of other pay-you-to-blog websites.Programs like this seem to be sprouting out like mushrooms after rain. The commercialization of blogs is a depressing thought. But then again, like Wu Tang said .. Cash rules everything around us.

ReviewMe seemed promising so I signed up and checked it out. My puny bikini blog was rated at 2 out of five stars (So sad!), according to the rating system that utilizes ranking systems such as Alexa and Technorati. The site design and user interface are clean, bright and incredibly easy to use. Most of the blogs at Review Me are tech or entertainment sites, with a small splattering of weblogs on celebrities. A Bikini Life was the only bikini site on it and I'm probably not gonna get a lotta offers because my highly sexualized content tugs furiously at the consumer loins. Lets hope I get an offer from Victoria's Secret. Bleah.

I don't wanna bore you with more details, so check it out if you have a weblog and wanna make some moola.