Friday, June 30, 2006

Team USA Bikini. My favorite blondes.

I've recently stumbled upon the USA National Bikini team, a collection of bikini beauties from a variety of States. The notion of a bikini team baffles me, I mean.. sports dancers perform at halftime and timeout shows, import models lounge around cars looking pretty. But a bikini team? Only some big corporation or horny, rich schmuck could probably hire the whole team out for an event.

Been suffering from blonde defiency lately so I sifted through over 80 members of the team and discovered only three babes that I think are really hot. The rest were either too surgically enhanced, hardbodied or had facial features that weren't a huge turn on. Yes, I'm very picky when it comes to blondes.

Carin Ashley

Aspen Lea

Casey Michelle

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Natsume Sano. Cute bangs, killer look.

Looking dewy eyed with bangs in a purple bikini on a couch before finally getting up to pose with a white stripper-boa. Soft daytime soap lighting give this video a langourous feel, making it a relaxing joy to watch. She's got a really svelte figure that cries out for a hug: slim and soft but curvy in all the right places. I love it when she looks at the camera while giving off that I'm-so-vulnerable-look.

She would make an absolutely incredible girlfriend. What else do I like about her? Her awesome legs.

She's really nice. A full post with her pictures to come soon!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Japanese babes in bikini tops. Can I have one please?

We've all seen how asian girls can look awesome in tiny bikini bottoms, let's now look at some hotties in bikini tops. When it comes filling out skimpy, strappy bikinis, Japanese girls are pretty much unmatched by their asian counterparts. Booty is pretty much on a level playing field but large, natural and succulent boobs belong almost exclusively to the jap bikini idols. Proof?

See more here (Nudity alert, stay away if you hate nubile, milky boobies!)

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