Saturday, June 24, 2006

Reon Kadena in a bikini video.

I'm a huge Reon Kadena fan. I adore her. Sexy, with cute toothy smile, she defines beauty in so many ways it's a folly to even begin describing how she rocks my world. This video, from her Make You Happy DVD is a feeble attempt to demonstrate how incredible she looks in a bikini.While the video begins with some classy shots of her non-existent booty, the real action begins at 1.11 mins, when the camera begins to focus on her magnificent breasts, as she pours water over em. Arty fillers take over until 4.10, where another jaw-dropping shot of her boobs fill up the frame.Yummmy.

Another reason why Japanese girls are the most beautiful, attractive breed of females in the world.

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