Sunday, June 18, 2006

Asian American Babes - Jeri Lee. Christine Nguyen.

Asian American women are hot. Everyone knows that. They are also significantly different from Asian bikini girls (particularly virginal Japanese types) in a lotta ways. They often have 1) way tanner skin 2) bigger, surgically enhanced boobies 3) curvier butts 4) bleached/streaky blonde long hair. Not all of em have all 4 characteristics but you gotta have at least 3 to qualify as a hot Asian American chick, dun cha think? See random, authentic Myspace pic below for evidence.

You don't see them in the streets in Asia.. I guess it's a general Asian-American style.

Onto the pros. Here is one of my favorite Asian American hotties, Christine Nguyen. She's hot beyond words in these shots. God she looks so cuddly..

Jeri Lee is another cutie that I fancy. Damn she's fleshy, Lolita-like and sexy as hell.

Stay tuned for more Asian-American dolls!

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