Friday, June 23, 2006

Asian Bikini Booty. Jyuri Takahashi's posing style.

Most Japanese idol bikini pictures are similar in one distinct way: Almost all of the pictures are shots which prominently feature the model's generously, ample bosom or kawaii-sexy profile. ( Harumi Nemoto's pictures are a prime example of the predominant face-n-boobs posing style)

If you're lucky, you might catch a few rare pictures of booty in a complete Japanese swimsuit photo set, alongside a million other in-your-face booby pics And rare indeed, is a bikini idol like Jyuri Takahashi. Of all the idols I've seen, she is blessed with the biggest tendency to swing her ass in the line of the camera, often using her luscious booty extremely well in a series of poses. My opinion? Best Japanese bikini ass = Jyuri Takahashi.


Sexually grind-suggestive poses, with that classic over the shoulder come hither gaze.

More of the same, but this time with a playful, charming air.

Innocent whities with big obvious knot just begging to be untied. Jyuri plays the Temptress impeccably with a perfect do-me-now look in this set. Seduction at its pinnacle with em' bedroom eyes and sultry smile.

Notice the super-hot arch in her back in the first shot and the perfect tilt of her head in the second.

Doesn't she pose like a latina?

I'm in love.

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