Saturday, June 24, 2006

Latina Bikini Booty. Andrea Rincon, Selena Spice.

What do you first think of when someone mentions a latina in a bikini? Booty. Ass. Curvy hips. Andrea Rincon (aka Selena Spice) is all about that and even her suspiciously enhanced boobs can't take your attention away that bump on her lower back. Vaguely familiar? Andrea was previously famous for her wildly popular webcam videos on YouTube, where she 1) coyly changes her clothes, 2) prances around in a bikini top and thong, and 3) nonchalantly stretches with her posterior in front of the camera.

Didn't get a good look? Here are some sizzling pictures:

Let's get those traditional boob and face shots outta the way shall we?

Onto more exciting pictures.. I haven't been doing any thong or booty shots lately so I'm going go a little crazy here. It helps that Andrea/Selena has one erotic and amazing body.

Here's the cream of the crop, from dozens of photosets.

Any favorites?

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