Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sayaka Ando and the Japanese Brunette.

There's something about Sayaka that is really attractive. Maybe it's because she's a brunette with classy, soft curls at the end of her hair. Maybe it's the elegant nose bridge, brown mascara-ed lashes and sexy semi-full lips. While other bikini idols such as Yuka Hirata, Eiko Koike and Yuma Asami bank on their natural breasts, Sayako is really a Morning Musume-type all-rounder who isn't just limited to gravure bikini photoshoots. I especially like the fact that she's not excessively cutesy, ditzy or pre-pubescent-like. Previously a successful racequeen, Sayako's sultriness reminds me of Eriko Sato and is definetly one of the hottest japanese girls around.

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