Monday, July 03, 2006

Bikini Massage Video: Don't worry, it's OK to watch.

This cheeky massage video is a joy to watch: gorgeous, natural boobs and a pretty cute girl who can't stop smiling. If it was a guy doing the massage, it would be pretty sleazy and somewhat softcore, which wouldn't go with the gravure idol's inherent facade of purity and innocence. Bring in a South-East Asian masseuse, throw on some elevator music and set it in a spa-ish hut. The result: Another bikini massage video you would never feel guilty looking at for hours. Ingenious. This is of course, in line with gravure philosophy and the total opposite of AV style, a best example of which can be seen in this super sleazy, semi-porn video of Naomi Yamaguchi being examined by two fanboys.

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