Sunday, July 30, 2006

Eiko Koike, old skool bikini idol.

Like many others, I was introduced into the wonderful Japanese world of bikinis through idols like Eiko Koike. While thousands of teenage swimsuit idols are sprouting out like rabbits in a mushroom garden, Eiko reminds a hot favourite for those in the know. Look at her. What beautifully shaped orbs of fleshy succulence. What a sensuous womanly aura. Non of that girly-kawaii pout poses. In fact, smiling doesn't do it for Eiko. That's probably why almost never does it in her pictures.

Decided to try out Image Bucks, an free image hosting program because it took too long to upload a helluva lot of pictures using Blogger's Hello, not to mention slow-loading pages. So far, it's been pretty alright so I just might keep using for the bigger posts. If you run a picture heavy blog or website you might consider checking them out. Should you decide to try them out, I'll be totally grateful if you could sign up with this link, gracias!

For Eiko's wallpapers, check out this post in my wallpaper blog on Asian Babes.