Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The very sultry Hiroko Sato

Hiroko Sato Main

What distinguishes the Japanese, Chinese and Korean girl? Are there specific facial or physical characteristics which make one slightly more different from another? People (usually Caucasians) are terrible at guessing the ethnicity of Asian women. Not me! I'm an expert at distinguishing Asian ethnicity.

At least until I came across pictures of Hiroko Sato. Didn't know her name at first so I thought "Damn what a hot Korean girl!' .. I mean .. she's super Koreanish! I know this girl in my class that totally looks like her, right down to the hair and eyeliner. But she ain't. Hiroko-chan is 100% Japanese. I love women that look like Hiroko who's just absolutely incredible. I really adore her sultry eyes and sensual physique.