Sunday, September 03, 2006

Miss Hooters: Sexy Bar Maids in Bikinis

The girls never look so great in the Hooters restaurants where I live. Few things in the world trump a healthy and ample dose of cleavage, especially when some hottie bends over while pouring you a jug of beer or serving up the latest plate of wings. Jocks will love these sexy bikini pictures from the 2006 Miss Hooters competition. My favourite super sexy bodies are Blondes 83 and Blonde 13 . Blonde 83 looks a tad more natural then surgically-enhanced 13. Brunette lovers will love the cute nose and body of number 99. And of course, your twinkie of the day..Number 85, the obligatory Americanized I-want-you-now Asian with fake boobs. Still very do-able, I must add.