Friday, August 04, 2006

Sayaka Isoyama. Your new favourite bikini idol.

I confess. I've had so many kinky fantasies about this girl, it's absolutely obscene. I often come up with scintillating scenarios featuring delectable women who are hopelessly adorable. Most of them have placed Sayaka Isoyama in the leading role. It's really no wonder. She's real cute, fleshy in the right places (whot a pair!) and really loveable in a girl next-door, home-town hottie kinda way. In my humble opinion, Sayaka Isoyama = Queen of Tease. Sayaka does a LOT of photobooks and has a range of variety in her personal style and look. I love how she turns from sultry mama to sunshine girl from set to set. Definitely an under-rated gravure bikini idol that deserves wide wide worship.

My personal homage to this sexpot.